Project Edge incentives for local residents to be part of the Hume Virtual Power Plant

If you like the idea of reduced energy bills and reduced power outages, and are considering an upgrade to solar, but have always hesitated due to cost, then read on.

EDGE (Energy Demand and Generation Exchange) is a trial supporting the creation of Australia’s first ever distributed energy resource market. This market will pay to access the solar and battery systems owned by individual businesses and households. Participants in the EDGE trial are playing a unique and pioneering role in modernising Australia’s electricity grid so that it supports the growth in renewables.

The Virtual Power Plant (VPP) connects your home battery to a network of batteries across the Hume community to form a much larger battery power plant that delivers renewable energy to the grid and helps support and stabilise the electricity supply. The VPP is coordinated by Mondo with the Mondo Ubi Smart Energy Management Platform. Participants in the Hume VPP will be paid for tests undertaken as part of the EDGE trial, as well as other value-added energy services.

To participate in EDGE, you need home internet, a Solar PV system (minimum 5KW), battery storage and an energy management device (Ubi). In addition to available Solar Homes subsidies, the EDGE program is making available additional subsidies to further lower the cost of Solar PV and/or battery systems and the Ubi energy management device (normally $1000) is offered free of charge. While some of the subsidies are means tested and subject to availability, it is possible to reduce the cost of your system by up to $7174 by participating in the EDGE trial.

During the first phase of the EDGE trial, 50 households across Yackandandah and Beechworth were successfully enrolled. The EDGE trial is now being expanded across all of the Hume region.

The trial is designed to provide a net financial benefit to participants. During the trial, your battery will be optimised to minimise grid consumption and maximise self-consumption of solar energy. Your power supply will not be interrupted at any point by the trial. You can leave the trial at any point (with notice to Mondo), and you get to keep the Ubi device once the trial is done.

Visit the link below for more information and to send an expression of interest. And if you’d like to chat to a Mt Beauty local about the process, contact TREK committee member Hilary.